Pedestrian street just west of the city centre with a cluster of shops, eateries and cultural offerings. Vikaterrassen, located in the heart of Vika, is newly refurbished, car-free and flanked by historic buildings with iconic architecture.

Shopping and services

The pedestrian shopping street in Vikaterrassen features hand-picked shops and service providers that are not found everywhere else in Oslo, including Cavour men's clothing store, the running shoe specialists at Torshov Sports Running, the underwear shop Next to Nothing, and the Bentestova boutique, which has 50 years of history here.

Restaurants and cafés

There are several good dining options in Vikaterrassen, including the unique one-table restaurant Ett Bord, French-Vietnamese Xích Lô, Omakase by Alex Cabiao, the japansese restaurant Genki and the popular café chains Baker Hansen, Joe & The Juice and Kaffebrenneriet.


Vika has an important place in Oslo's cultural life, and Oslo Concert Hall is one of Oslo's biggest stages for classical, jazz and pop. The concerts and the refurbished Vika cinema keep the area vibrant into the night and on weekends.

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